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2011.11.04 (13:42:32)

Hotel Tycoon

Hotel Tycoon - build and manage your own Hotel in this Tycoon Game

My idea is a game that is called hotel tycoon. It will be based on mainly to build a hotel branch. You will have to begin from scratch. You choose your hotel branch's name and of course where in the world you world you would like to begin your first hotel. Of course you can also make motels, Inns, and suites.

The game in it self is a mixture between the sims, theme hospital, pizza syndicate, airline tycoon and airport tycoon. You can click on whatever you see in the game and then get information about it. If you see a customer that thinks it is to expensive --well than click on him/her and see more information about him/her. Don't think this game is easy, cause it woun't be. You will have competetors and huge hotel branches that tryes to buy you out of the game. When you have build your first hotel you have to name it something (f.eks: Icebear Hotel). Then watch the customers come and compliment you -or complian to you. It is very important to hire affective and friendly staff. The more friendlyer the staff is the more customers you will gain.

Did that hotel of yours gain in profits?? Then you are close to becoming a branch. If your first hotel was in (f.eks:) London in England, then you should build another hotel in another city close by in england. Once you have started in a country it odesn't pay to build your second hotel in another country. Because then you have to pay taxes... alot of taxes.... and you have to get the authoroties to say it is O.K that you build in their country -and that issn't always that easy.

I hope you people enjoy this idea, I do!

James Godbolt