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Q :
Q :
How can I get more money? I always go bankrupt.
A :

1) For your success in the game, you should open golden routes ASAP. The golden route means that it has many passengers and long distance to make lots of money in common sense. For example, LA-New York,  New York-London, LA-Seoul. If the route has a high open cost, it might be a golden route.


2) Do not concern about getting loan. You need to use a loan on the start because the seed money is not sufficient in the game. If you have enough money, pay off them right away.

3)  Keep investment for employee education, advertisement, and maintenance unitl they reatch to maximum value.

4) Control the price. If a route has 100% occupied, increase the schedule, raise the price, and down the service. If not, up the service first, decrease schedule and down the price until the occupation become more than 80%.

5) You should watch other company's route information. If you want to catch up others, you must open a route on their golden routes.

6) A small plane can be more efficient to make money than large plane if you are racing with other company in the same route.